Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge
per square meter?

As all of our homes are custom designed and built to suit the individual clients needs and the block of land, we do not have a set per square meter rate. Every home is a unique one off creation and is treated as such. We work to whatever budget you have.

How long will it take to build my house?

We generally allow about 8 months to build your home, however it will more than likely be closer to 6 months (depending on weather and site conditions etc.)

I’ve seen one of the previous homes you’ve built and would really
like that exact design on my block of land. Can you do this?

Unfortunately, no we cant. We pride ourselves on designing and building unique homes. To achieve this, we ensure that we never build the same house twice. Most importantly the house must be designed to compliment the land, light and breezes.

How much of the work does Creative Homes do yourselves and how much do you subcontract out?

We try to do the majority of work ourselves. This way, we can guarantee quality of work at all stages. We do everything from painting, roofing, cabinetry and joinery. The only sub contractors we employ are tilers, electricians, plumbers and floor-sanders. 

What areas do you build in?

We build in all areas of the Gold Coast.

I only have a limited budget. Will you be able to build a home for me?

Yes, we can work with whatever budget you have.

What size homes do you build?

Any size! We’ve built from 100sqm up to 640sqm homes.

Do you build other peoples designs?

We have in the past, however we generally prefer to build our own designs only.